Our mobile surgeon is experienced with a wide range of procedures. View our Procedures page to learn more. Please contact us for any procedures not listed.

Dr. Hamil holding a french bulldog and a cat on her lap.
Orange Cat at Peak Veterinary Surgery

Refer a case

Following your diagnosis of a surgical disease, please fill out the referral form below. We will contact you to schedule the case, and then will provide an estimate of cost. 

Preparing for surgery

For optimal patient care and a smooth surgery day, please find the detailed information regarding workflow and contact us with any questions prior to the planned surgery. 

Grey Cat at Peak Veterinary Surgery
Dog At Peak Veterinary Surgery

Pricing Information

We bring specialty surgery to your clinic at a significantly reduced rate, compared with outside referral. Please contact us for the password. 

TPLO Radiograph Positioning

Prior to surgery we need a lateral and cranio-caudal view of the stifle, with a calibration bar. Often to obtain these specific views for surgical planning, sedation is needed. Please let us know if you need a calibration marker and we can send one to your clinic. 

TPLO X-Ray image